John Elliot's ProgClub MemberNet web-page

Hi there, I'm John Elliot V, and this is my ProgClub member web-page; it's a part of ProgClub's MemberNet. ProgClub is a Programmers' Club: a club for computer programmers. You can read more about me at my ProgClub profile.

There's not really very much to see on my member page at the moment because I'm busy working on other things...

If you'd like free web hosting for your own member page, and a playground for your PHP web-pages, then why not register to become a ProgClub member too? It's free! :)

2012-01-10: here are the links to my files and PHP tests. There's not much there at the moment but we'll see what we can do about that. If you'd like a quick reference to get an intuition about the size of database fields for when you're designing your database check out my field-length file.

In late October 2012 I started collecting web statistics about visitors to the ProgClub web site. Things I was interested in where what browser they were using, what document types they supported and particularly what their language preferences where. You can see the results of these statistics at webstat.